In summer 2019, I took guardianship of a small listed cottage in Carmarthenshire. Called Bantwen, it is a listed building presumed to be a crofter's cottage originally built on 'waste' land (although I disagree with that term!) in late 1800s/early1900s. It is constructed from stone, brick, lime and timber, with thatch hidden under a corrugated roof. 

For me, the most exciting part of this is that it sits on a half-acre plot, surrounded by hedgerows of Beech, Hazel, Sloe, Wild Rose, Hops and Holly, and a semi-circle of mature trees. My plan is to develop the garden into an edible landscape inspired by permaculture principles, using perennials  and no-dig methodology. I hope to demonstrate the importance of caring for our soil and native wildlife, and explore how to live sustainably and healthily. 

Watch this space for information on holidays, workshops and workaway opportunities

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