To turn a narrow, unused garden into a haven for dining, reading and growing fruit and vegetables with dappled light and soft textures.  


Key Requirements

Create beautiful views from the house. 

Maintain sun throughout the day.

Screen garden from neighbours. 

Zone - Terrace for dining, lawn for play & kitchen garden. 


Using simple square and rectangular forms, the garden is divided into four unique spaces that each serve a different function, and are punctuated with places to sit in dappled light to admire the changing views throughout the day.  

Terrace - 

The view from the house, which is restricted, is considered carefully, and the main borders positioned and layered near the house and terrace so that they can be appreciated from both living spaces. Planting will be soft, with herbs mixed with bulbs within a few steps of the kitchen, and then country cottage borders surrounding the terrace. An ornamental cherry provides dappled light and seasonal interest. 

Avenue -

A romantic and informal avenue of herbaceous perennials, flanked with four Amelanchier 'Obelsik' (small, upright blossom trees), leads to an oak pergola, laden with rambling roses.


Lawn -

A simple square lawn provides an elegant place to play and entertain, the borders here limited to structural shrubs, evergreen plants and four pleached trees for ease of maintenance and year round coverage. 

Kitchen Garden - 

Raised timber beds are laid out simply, allowing for views from the cabin down through the garden. Stone walls here are used for espalier fruit trees, making the most of the path of the sun. A screened corner provides functional space for bins and access to the road. Three trees, Betula pendula 'Fastigiata' are planted at the rear of the garden to create a little wooded space with native shade loving underplanting and bulbs. 

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