Every garden is different; quotes take into account the size and complexity of the design, as well as the style of planting, as these are the main factors that affect the length of time taken to complete the design. 

All quotes are generated using an hourly rate and an estimated completion time. 

Initial Meeting



Quote Part 1: Main Design

This includes the survey, mood boarding, initial design and the final design with 3D drawings. The quote is influenced by the size of the garden, the number of areas to be developed and the complexity of the design.

(Designs are provided digitally.) 


Quote Part 2: Planting Plan

This includes the planting layout, the full plant schedule and elevation drawings. The quote is influenced by the size of the areas to be planted and the chosen planting style for each border.

(Designs are provided digitally.)

If you would like to arrange a free initial discussion, followed by a free, no obligation quote, please get in touch either by submitting an enquiry at the bottom of this page, or by emailing, jessicamakinsgardendesign@gmail.com.


Further information


I provide all your final documents as digital files. If you would rather receive designs as hard copies, printing of documents is charged at cost plus a small handling fee. Full colour A2 prints, on card are about £15 per sheet, and make beautiful momentos. Black and white A2 prints, on paper, are much cheaper at about £2 per sheet and are perfect for passing on to landscapers and gardeners. 


The design process is dynamic and involves many conversations regarding options, therefore it is expected that amendments will be made to the design throughout. This is accounted for in the quotes above. However, major amendments to the design and planting plan that are due to unexpected circumstances or late decision changes that increase the time taken to complete the design beyond the estimated hours, are charged for at an hourly rate of £35 per hour.

During the build

I am happy to help with project management during the build. Time spent liaising with landscapers and suppliers, and site visits, are charged at an hourly rate of £35 rather than on a daily rate to ensure that I am flexible and can be there for you when needed. 

Plant supply

I can organise delivery of plants to your home and be there to receive them. A team can be arranged to plant these out on the same day at a rate of £150 per day per team member. 

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