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I write garden care plans that are easy to follow, and explain environmentally friendly ways to care for your plants, shrubs, trees and soil.

Perhaps you have just moved home and have a garden for the first time, or perhaps you aren't sure how to manage the plants in your garden to get the best out of them all year round. If so, I can provide a bespoke care plan, outlining what steps to take at different points in the year to ensure that your garden thrives throughout the seasons. 

This plan is bespoke to your garden, considering each individual plant, tree and shrub and taking into account the region, soil type and aspect of your garden. 

Your bespoke care plan will include guidance on:

  • pruning, feeding and watering 

  • looking after your soil

  • adding bulbs for interest 

  • putting the right plant in the right place

  • protecting plants in winter 

  • controlling invasive plants 

  • eco-friendly and sustainable solutions for weed and pest control


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