Complete Garden Design

I design with a focus on building beautiful and functional spaces in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.  

Your garden will be designed from three main starting points:


What are your needs? How will you use the space? How will this change over the years to come?



What do you find beautiful? What is your ideal landscape?



How can the garden have a beneficial impact on the environment? Which materials and plants can we find locally and from sustainably minded suppliers?

Combining these three elements ensures that the gardens built will bring you, and nature, happiness for many years to come.

Design Process



Initial Meeting

A chance to talk about what changes you would like to make to your garden as well as discuss style, needs and budget. A design brief will then be developed and quotes provided for the final design and planting plan. Once approval of the fee has been confirmed in writing, the design work can begin.



A second visit to the garden allows a chance to measure up the boundaries, main features and levels, and for photographs to be taken. If the garden is extensive, or has many changes in level, a professional survey may be sought. 




Mood Boarding

Digital mood boards will be provided showcasing a range of ideas and options for the garden features and planting styles. Working closely together, we will narrow these down to develop a bespoke style for the garden. 


Initial Design

With close attention to your requirements, as well as the style developed at the mood boarding stage, an initial plan of the garden will be drawn up. This will identify the boundaries of different areas of the garden, as well as the placement of main features, pathways, fencing, hedging, shrubs, trees, and structural plants. 3D drawings of key areas will bring the design to life. 


Final Design

Once the initial design has been approved by you, a final design will be completed. This will specify dimensions, level changes, materials and recommended suppliers. Construction drawings for hard landscaping will be provided. 


Planting Plans

Detailed plans of plant placement and quantities within the borders will be provided, along with a plant schedule listing the total required of each plant for ease of ordering.



The Build

Liaison with landscapers can be arranged as required, and includes site visits as well as contact via phone and email throughout the build. 


Plant Supply

Plants are procured from well-respected trade suppliers and delivered directly to your home, ensuring high quality specimens and significant savings. It is ensured that plants are procured from nurseries that are environmentally responsible.

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