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Slender trees for small spaces

Love trees? Small space? Want sun all day?

Solutions for small and narrow spaces.

trees small garden design

trees small garden design
Amelanchier alnifolia 'Obelisk' in blossom

1) Amelanchier alnifolia 'Obelisk'

A small, slender tree, growing to only five metres tall over ten years. Compared to its relative 'Amelanchier lamarckii', this variety is more upright, spreading to only three metres wide once fully grown. Leaves change from bronze to green, with star like white blossom in spring. Dark red/blue berries provide winter interest. Very popular in small Chelsea show gardens.

2) Betula pendula 'fastigiata'

trees small garden design
Bark of the many vanities of birch add seasonal interest

A relative of the more commonly known Betual pendula or silver birch, (which is currently endangered as numbers decline in Europe), this variety shows off the same beautiful bark in shades of white and grey, as well as the delicate triangular leaf form which starts green and fades to yellow in autumn. The benefit of fastigiate though, is its columnar habit and compact growth, spreading to a maximum of three metres. Perfect for bringing height to a little garden without spreading too much shade.

3) Ginkgo biloba 'fastigiata blagon'

trees small garden design
An avenue of Ginkgo adds autumn drama

Ginkgo, also known as Maidenhair Tree, is a firm favourite of mine, with gorgeous fan shared leaves that turn a bright golden yellow in autumn. This variety gives the same burst of brilliant foliage, but with a compact and upright growth habit, again, reaching a maximum spread of three metres at maturity. It can even be grown in a container and taken with you if you move house, or relocated in the garden if the design changes.

Barcham Trees (https://www.barcham.co.uk) also do a grafted variety of Ginkgo, with a dwarf variety, Globosa, placed onto a Ginkgo blob trunk. This will only grow to a height of three-five metres at maturity, and gives a lovely clear stem with a bushy rounded form that grows compactly at the top. Perfect for surrounding small terraces and giving height and colourful drama to a little space.

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